About our Company

We provide services in the sectors of administration and professional or private expense management, travel costs and leisure for individuals or enterprises in the whole world, by providing our clients with tools, means of management and payments related to their main objectives.


Meet the only platform your finance team needs!

Close your books in no time and save time and money dealing with expenses. This is the all-in-one expense management solution and so much more!

With Coupole Management, you get freedom within a framework. For modern businesses of any size, invest more time in growing your business.

Built for employees, Coupole Management is made easy for entire finance teams.

Your next generation company card is here! Coupole Management issues company cards with built-in spend rules and automated collection of receipts on every swipe. Virtual and corporate cards are in your hands. 

You will have ultimate control on every swipe.


20+ years of experience at your disposition to assist you in any of the following:
  • A personal approach to all your needs.
  • Smart, simple and seamless solutions made to fit. As simple as taking a picture.
  • Transparent travel requests with our travel tools to help you accurate

    budgeting, improving cost control to get the best deals.

  • A valuable overview off all your spending, insights and trends with clear and accurate reporting.

For Enterprises and SMEs

Say goodbye to petty cash, dreadful expenses and shared credit cards; there is a brighter way.

What you will get


Multi currency cards in GBP and EUR.

Real Time

With an automatic collection of receipts, save time with fast and easy payments.


Manage expenses, payments and funds requests made by employees.


Invite your friends free of charge! With no extra fee.


Instead of sharing a company credit card around the office, finance teams can now issue team cards. Each team card comes with a shared budget while every team member receives a personal card linked to the team card.


The ultimate control over company spending on every swipe. Set individual spend limits, select allowed categories and times when cards work.


You can have as many cards as you like, and each one can be frozen or topped up at the touch of a button.

Lose the paper trail and gain new insights!

Travel by train, boat or plane with managed expenses.