Coupole Management Ltd is able to offer a unique service to its corporate entities’ clients; however, the cards remain available for individual employees as well. For example, when a corporate entity becomes a client of Coupole Management Ltd, they can apply for 50 debit cards to provide each of their employees with one of these EWM cards. Upon our corporate client’s written request, these cards are loaded with the necessary funds for each employee to cover their expenses, whether it’s for a hotel, taxi, or a meal. These cards can also be provided to individuals. After signing up and becoming a client of Coupole Management Ltd, an individual can apply for a single EWM card, and upon written request, the card will be loaded with the necessary funds.

We understand the importance of accessibility and mobility in today’s world. Our mobile app allows clients to access their data and funds at any time of day wherever they are in the world.